AI Employee To Manage Your Web Presence
Imagine your personal web developer working 24/7, delivering results the moment you ask. A reliable expert who constructs and fine-tunes your website, integrates SEO best practices, sources royalty-free images, gathers site analytics, and promptly applies insights. That's precisely how the Paige AI Assistant operates.
Your website demands too much of your time and energy
And that's where Paige truly brings to the table. Say goodbye to tedious and complex website construction and upkeep
Hire a developer,
Seek out a designer,
Engage a copywriter,
Draft a technical specification;
Consult an SEO specialist,
Connect with a web analytics expert,
Purchase a domain name,
Secure reliable hosting;
Issue SSL certificate
Install Paige AI Assistant directly on your site
Command its actions
Witness instant results
Be among the first to to experience our AI Assistant
This is what Paige AI Assistant already knows how to do
Tailor Your Website to Your Exact Specifications
Paige operates much like a freelancer or an employee. Just send a text (or perhaps even a call, we're still exploring that) detailing what you need, and after a quick page refresh, your edits are in place
Implement and Enhance SEO Practices
Paige is adept at identifying relevant keywords for your website content, meta titles, descriptions, and headers. Even if SEO isn't your strong suit, no worries ā€” Paige seamlessly handles it all on autopilot
Craft or Revamp Your Content
Paige is a seasoned copywriter who understands the nuances of crafting your blog posts or careers page. Whether you need content created from the ground up or a review and revamp of your existing material, Paige has got you covered
Discover or Create Royalty-Free Images and Graphics
Tired of spending hours searching for the perfect photos or flat designs? No worries. Paige can quickly locate or create royalty-free images for you. Even better, it'll upload them directly to your website in an instant
Integrate Web Analytics and Decipher Your Data
Why rely on an individual to manage website analytics? Paige can seamlessly integrate today's leading analytics tools and dissect your data, offering you actionable insights
Locate, Acquire, and Renew Your Domain Names
Forget the worries of missing your domain renewal date or the hassle of purchasing related domains. Paige handles it all seamlessly ā€” just let her know what you need
Paige AI Assistant is available on your preferred platform
Our Hosting (Beta)
Upload your website to our hosting service and enjoy Paige right out of the box
Other Web Hosting (In Progress)
We're working diligently to integrate the AI Assistant with them
WordPress, etc. (In Progress)
We're aware that 40% of global websites are hosted there. We're currently exploring ways to integrate Paige AI Assistant on such platforms
No-code Builders (In Progress)
Our recent tests indicate that integration with popular no-code tools is possible, especially with the Paige Website Builder!

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Paige AI Assistant comes from the creators of one of this year's pioneering AI Landing Page Builder. While you await access to the AI Assistant, explore our AI Builder at no cost
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